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Founded in 2020, BJ88 is a top-tier online gambling website in Asia. We focused primarily on offering Betting Exchange on cricket, soccer, and tennis, live casino, table games, and slots. Online betting has become a thriving sector in Southeast Asia, particularly in Bangladesh and India.

An affiliate program is the ultimate marketing system. This program allows you to earn unlimited lifetime commissions at zero cost! You can generate your own unique affiliate links to the bookmaker's front page, registration, or live betting pages.

Becoming an affiliate is very simple - it will only take a few minutes to complete registration. After registration, you will be notified within 48 hours. Once you have confirmed, your account will be approved if all the details have been entered correctly.

It is free to join our affiliate program. All you need to do is register. There is no charge to apply.

Negative Carry Forward (NCF) means you lose commission during the month. In other words, your players win in online betting, and you will not be paid for commission during the month. It will be credited to the negative carry forward, and it will be shown in red. You will not receive any commission until your negative carry forward is cleared.


We are aware that you require some banners for your affiliate marketing. The banners are available in different sizes to support various social media sites. Depending on your requirements, we have listed some of the banner sizes here. Click the below icon to kickstart your promotional journey!

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